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Amazon Jungle Tours Iquitos, Peru

Jungle Man Expeditions, EIRL and Abundancia Ecolodge offer trips to a beautiful remote area of the Amazon jungle located on the Rio Mazan, a tributary of the much larger Rio Napo.  Both Lodge stays and camping trips or a combination of both are available.  Survival treks are also offered with our experience native guides, exploring the deep jungle.  This is for the adventurous, as you learn techniques to survive with minimal modern provisions as the natives here have done for centuries.

Sample Itinerary

Lodge program Day – 1

Pick up from airport or hotel.   We transport your group to the tourist port of Iquitos.  We then take a speedboat down the mighty Amazon River to the Amazon side of a tiny town called Mazan.   From there, a short 10 minute mototaxi ride takes you to the town itself that sits on the Rio Napo. Then cruise in one of our lodge boats, speedboat or slower peque peque boat that transports you up the Rio Mazan to Abundancia Ecolodge.  There you are welcomed and provided lodging in our main lodge of eight rooms or in one our private bungalows with bath.   Lunch.   In the afternoon you may choose to relax in our pleasant hammocks, go fishing in a nearby lake, or take one of our relaxing sunset paddles to watch the numerous pink and grey river dolphins.

Day 2

Early morning bird watching by boat or traditional canoes to see the different species that exist in this zone. Some examples are toucans, macaws, eagles, falcons, tanagers, oropendolas, parakeets, as well as a variety of primates and mammals.  Breakfast.  Long walk in the primary jungle between giant trees and vines. As you walk, guides identify some of the medicinal plants; this knowledge is passed down thru generations, as well as various other traditional uses for materials that nature’s bounty provides for living this jungle life. Lunch. After a rest, go fishing for piranhas and the many other fish species that live in this area.  To complete the day we will wait for the sunset by the beautiful island while we observe or swim with the dolphins that abound by the lodge.  Dinner.   At night, (depending on the season), we will paddle or hike quietly to the small cochas (lakes) and small tributaries.   This allows us to listen and appreciate the nocturnal life of the creatures that live in this majestic jungle.

Day 3

Breakfast, hiking, fishing, or relaxing (your choice). During dry season, there is a small sand beach great for hanging out at downriver.   If you are a good fisherman, your fresh caught fish will be prepared by our expert cooks. Lunch. After your meal return trip to Iquitos.

4 or more day Lodge Package:  Itineraries based on your interests:

Bird watching, more extensive fishing, or farther trips from the lodge can be arranged.  We can also include in the afternoon an excursion by boat to visit one of the native villages, observing their authentic traditional lifestyle. There are no tourist shows here, just genuine jungle people living their simple lives in harmony with nature. You may possibly try one of their typical drinks made from yucca.   Return to lodge for dinner. Relax with storytelling and rest for the next day’s activities.

Day 4

Breakfast. The morning program begins with a long hike or canoe paddle in the swampy wetlands in the middle of the extensive mangroves. We will be looking for species like the capybara, the largest rodent of the world, or with some luck, the anaconda that hides in the marsh and tunnels underneath the roots of the trees. Lunch, cooking over a fire, by a nearby lake. Afternoon resting and relaxing. Dinner. Nocturnal walk looking for insects, like tarantulas, rodents, or maybe the great Amazonian jaguar.

Combination program lodge/camping: for 5 or more days

Day 4:  Breakfast.  Packing of our equipment for camping.  Go by boat to the remote area away from civilization on the island Piuri. There we will spend time camping, sleeping in hammocks/mosquito nets, preparing food over open fire, and learning the methods needed to live in the jungle.

Day 5 or last day

Wake up early breakfast in route, while listening to early morning birds. Return boat to lodge for prepared lunch. Pack remaining items into boat for return trip to Iquitos after lunch.


Reflections: At the end of your trip, you carry with your lifetime the memory of this unique place, the virgin rainforest, nature pure and unspoiled.

Other services thru Jungle Man Expeditions

Community based tourism: Alternative tourism for those who wish a full cultural immersion. You actually stay in a village with a family, experience their daily life with them. They are paid a small stipend for this home stay experience and you learn firsthand what it is like to live in a jungle village.

Rafting and canoeing adventure trips: Are arranged on the 3 rivers, Mazan, Napo, and finally to the mouth into the Amazon. Another choice is rafting the Amazon for a full day of adrenalin, from Iquitos to Indiana. Contact us.

Full camping budget trips: Camping trips are arranged to different areas, in primary jungle where sleeping in mosquito nets and hammocks or the beaches is a wonderful way to experience the natural jungle.  Various activities are offered daily, contact us.

In addition, other offerings,

City tour, various activities are offered: Go visit and walk around the Belen market, one of largest open air markets in the Amazon, then go by canoe to see the floating houses. Visit the butterfly farm and Yagua and Bora tribes. Visit a caiman farm, IIAP manatee rescue center, or the Quistococha zoo where you can see many of the jungle animals and there is a nice white sand beach for swimming. Enjoy a tour of Iquitos’ principal buildings and attractions, including the Amazon museum, the Plaza, and the boulevard where there is beautiful handicrafts and art for sale.

Special 1 to 10 day Ayahuasca journeys: at our remote lodge where special diets of jungle plants and food are prepared. A local shaman who lives on this river will then prepare a special blend of this visionary brew for healing. We have only the greatest respect for the gifts these sacred plants can share. The experience is not to be taken lightly and preparation for your body and mind is necessary. There are many websites to read about this magical plant medicine and we recommend you do your research.

Other services:

Full camping budget trips:  Jungleman Expeditions, EIRL offers camping trips to different areas, where camping in mosquito nets and hammocks is a wonderful way to experience the natural jungle.  Various activities are offered daily, write us.

Exluded: airfare, airport taxes, alcoholic beverages, sodas, gratuities,

What to bring:  Long trousers, long sleeve shirt, t shirt, shorts, (use light colors to not attract mosquitos), rain poncho, bathing suit, hat, flashlight or headlamp and extra batteries, repellent for mosquitos, sunblock, sunglasses, optional: binoccular and camera